Three Different Outdoor Wedding Ideas Three Different Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor weddings are a memorable experience for both the wedding party and the guests. Wedding ideas for outdoor nuptials range from tropical paradises to national parks. Planning for an outdoor wedding involves preparing for everything that nature can throw at you, so ever al fresco plan should include an indoor alternative: if only for sheltering from the rain!

Plan for Bad Weather

No bride really wants to put the alternative wedding plans into operation, but when you book the site months ahead of the wedding date, you can't predict the weather on the big day. If your heart is set on an outdoor wedding, arrange the ceremony for those months when the weather is most likely to cooperate. One way of protecting yourself against the consequences of bad weather is to rent canopy tents. These portable shelters can be erected in the garden, offering full shelter, and are just as useful as a sun shelter when the weather is nice.

Look for Alternative Settings

Pretty outdoor settings can be the ideal place for a wedding ceremony, so if there are public gardens, historical parks, or other outdoor features nearby, get permission to set your wedding in that location.

Use Romantic Lighting

Lantern lighting is a romantic way of lighting your wedding ceremony. Get permission to use them, as they give a really warm and happy glow to a ceremony.

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