Three Reasons To Have a Pond UV Clarifier Three Reasons To Have a Pond UV Clarifier

A pond UV clarifier is a must if you have a pond in the backyard and want to ensure that the desire that crystal clear look of the water. There are many benefits of having this apparatus which are worth taking into consideration should you not be sure about purchasing it.

Algae Control

A pond UV clarifier is a great way of preventing algae from growing in your pond. Algae will grow in a pond despite regular maintenance in the absence of the clarifier. The ultraviolet rays from the clarifier act on the single celled algae by breaking down their their DNA structure. Once this structure is broken down, these dead cells clump together and can be easily removed by any normal filter. This also prevents the water from turning green in color and having a foul odor.


The UV clarifier is nature friendly. The ultraviolet rays only act on the suspended and single cell algae. These rays do not harm some of the necessary bacteria that balance the ecosystem of the pond. Also, these rays are not harmful for the aquatic plants and animals and ensure their well being. Overall, you will be able to eradicate the harmful organisms and protect your pond's inhabitants efficiently and easily.

Economical and Easy to Use

The pond UV clarifier is very user friendly in its operation and installation. All clarifier kits come with easy to read set-up guidelines and instructions. Another benefit of this clarifier is that it comes at an affordable cost and saves you the money. You will be able to cut costs on the maintenance of your pond because the clarifier will be able to do the work for you.

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