Three Tips for Saving Money on a Truck Window Replacement

Someone broke into your truck and now you need a truck window replacement. The easiest way to do this is to open your local phone book and find an auto glass shop near you and make an appointment for them to come to you and replace the window. However, this is also the most expensive. Below you will find three tips on how you can save money on a truck window replacement.

Supply the Glass Yourself

Look online at the more popular auction sites and at classified ads sites, such as eBay and Craigslist, for someone who is selling the particular piece of glass you need. If you can find the glass locally, it will be for much less money than a specialty glass shop will charge. If you can’t find it online, then look around for junkyards that may have the glass you need.

The pick it yourself type of junkyard will be the kind with the lowest prices. Once you have the glass you need replaced, call around to shops to see what they will charge for labor. When looking for shops or repairmen to perform the truck window replacement for you, you want to be sure that whoever does it will do a quality job and offer some sort of warranty on the workmanship.

Call Around for Best Pricing

If finding the piece of glass you need online or with the phone book is not possible, then you need to call around to find the shop that will offer you the best overall price and convenience. Things to look for are some sort of courtesy shuttle or vehicle to take you back to and from work if you need to leave your vehicle for an extended stay, mobile service where their technician comes to you and performs the truck window replacement at your place of work or home and a good reputation in the business.

If you find a shop with a good reputation in the business, then you will be assured of getting the best possible service at the best possible price. Check with your local or state Bureau of Automotive Repair and the Better Business Bureau for any complaints or actions filed against shops you’re considering for the truck window replacement on your truck.

Do It Yourself

Your lowest cost option is to do the truck window replacement yourself. If the broken window is a door window, this is very easy. You only have to remove the door panel on the door with the broken glass, clean out the broken glass from the bottom of the door with a vacuum and then install the new piece of glass and secure it with bolts or special clips which can bought at just about any parts store. If the window that is broken is a windshield or back glass, you will need to find a repair manual such as one from Chilton’s or Haynes to step you through the process of the truck window replacement. Since the motor manual is so handy for other types of repairs, you should pick one up to help you with either front/back or door glass replacement.