ThreeTips to Adjust Your Toilet Float

Adjusting the toilet float in your home's toilet will serve one of two functions. The float in your toilet essentially is a mechanism by which the fill valve is told when to fill and when to shut off. If your toilet runs continuously, you may want to adjust the float down. If it doesn't flush with enough water, you may want to adjust the float to allow the tank to fill fuller. Regardless, it is not a difficult process.

1. Know Your Float Type

There are two basic types of floats, a balloon or bulb at the end of an arm, or a float that rides up the fill valve. Knowing which type of float you have will help you to know how to adjust it.

2. Have the Right Tools

There are two basic tools that you will be using to adjust the float in the toilet, either a screwdriver, or a pair of pliers. Regardless of the type of float, care should be taken not to damage either type of float, or it will result in additional and more extensive repairs.

3. Take Your Time

Take the time to inspect the inner workings of your toilet tank prior to attempting any repair. Take the lid off and flush the toilet a couple of times to familiarize yourself.