Threshold Tile Installation in a Shower

What You'll Need
Notched trowel
Thin-set mortar
Rubber float
60-grit sandpaper
Tile cutter
Plastic spacers
Tape measure
Masking tape

Tile installation seems much harder than it is. Tile installation on a wall, floor or even the shower threshold is straight forward and simple. One of the areas of the home that benefits from tile installation if the shower threshold. It defines the space, as well as makes it look finished and professional. The article that follows will show you how to install tile to the shower threshold.

Step 1 – Measuring the Threshold

Tile installation is a detail oriented project, which means measuring the shower threshold is very important. The interesting thing about the shower threshold, that is different than other thresholds, is that it is split in 2 sections, due to the sliding glass door or hinged door. When you take your measurements, always measure the length from wall to wall, and then the width of the threshold on each side of the track.

Step 2 – Cut the Tile

Cutting tiles is the hardest part of any tile installation project, and especially on the shower threshold. This is because the tiles can be very small. If you use large tiles, you can usually cut them in multiple pieces in order to fit the width of the threshold. A 12-inch by 12-inch tile could be cut into 4 pieces, and then sanded down to fit. If you are using small tiles then sand them to size. Divide the length of the shower threshold by the length of the tiles and then draw the cut lines directly on the tile. You want the look to be uniform and even, to avoid tile halved. Place a strip of masking tape along each cut line making sure it is centered. Place the tile on the cutter and score it with the blade and then gently snap it. Remove the masking tape. Cut all the tile and then sand the sharp edges.

Step 3 – Tile Installation

First, clean where you are going to install the tile, so that the adhesive will work properly. Apply the mortar to the threshold in a straight line. Use the notched trowel to spread the mortar over the area. Place the tiles. Start at a wall, and place a plastic spacer touching the wall.  Set a tile against the spacer, and then place another spacer and another tile. Continue in this manner, until you reach the end of the threshold. You may need to trim more tile, if the length is not even. Continue until you are finished tiling the shower threshold.

Step 4 – Grout

The final step of tile installation, is grouting, which can be done a day after the mortar sets. Remove the tile spacers and apply the grout on top of the tile. Use the rubber float to spread it over the tiles. Add more grout as you go, to make sure all of the gaps are filled. Once the grout dries, dampen a sponge and gently wipe the tile down, to remove excess grout and film.