Threshold Types

When it comes to installing a new threshold, you will be faced with several different options in terms of material. Wood and metal are the most common types, but you can find vinyl thresholds as well for larger doors. Here are a few ways to break down your choices and understand the differences.

Wood Thresholds

Wood thresholds are most commonly found on doors that don’t get a lot of exposure to the elements. A front door that is sunken back into the house, or a patio door that has a roof or awning are prime candidates for wood thresholds. A wood threshold will add beauty to the door, and will still give you a certain level of protection from the elements.

Aluminum and Metal

If you have a door that is subjected to rain and moisture, you may want to install a threshold made of aluminum or some other metal. These may not look as attractive as wood, but they are better in terms of preventing water damage. Aluminum is popular because it’s less expensive as well.


Vinyl is commonly used for garage and shed door thresholds. It installs easily and can withstand the weight of cars and other heavy equipment. Vinyl thresholds come in a variety of colors and styles and is generally better looking than metal.