Avoiding Ticks

Q. In tick season my dog gets clobbered! Is there a reliable tick collar or another solution? Every commercial collar I buy fails me. I have a lab that spends time exploring in the tall grass and abstinence is not an option!

Hopefully, if you live in an area with Lyme Disease, you have had your dog vaccinated. Lyme Disease can be deadly to both pets and people.

Our dogs love to run, and deer often graze in our yard. I see our dogs chasing them, just to play. I am very concerned with ticks. We put on a dab of Vaseline, then remove them easily with a tweezers. You might also find a slotted tick removing spoon. Looks rather smart and easy.

I used to give my dog pills I got from the vet. It put poison in his blood that killed fleas after one bite. Now I have a cat. I treated the yard with Durisban and that took care of the flea problem. As for ticks We haven't had many and just picked them off as they appear.

My dog also loves to get in the field and mouse around. The ticks this year were horrible. He hates the ticks and when I find them on him I tell him to stay in the yard. He does until after the first hard frost then he seems to know its safe to go out again!

We have a dog and live in a heavily tick infested area in Virginia. In fact, we found our 1st tick of the season a couple of weeks into February. For the past two years we have used a collar from the vet with 100% success. It is called PREVENTIC. It costs around $12.00 and lasts for at least 3 months. You know within a couple of days or so when it has stopped working because you will start to see ticks around the face. This collar works on seed ticks as well as regular ticks. It does not control fleas.

I have to agree with the person above. We had an extremely bad case of ticks when we lived in New Mexico. We have three Alaskan Huskies. We did not even know how awful they were until we gave them a bath in the summer and when they got wet about 100 ticks on each dog showed up? Quite alarming to say the least. Preventic proved to be the God-send the vet said it was. Within 48 hours all of the ticks were gone. Absolutely amazing. Highly recommended.

We have two labs (yellow and chocolate) and live in a very wooded area in Wisconsin. Our vet recommended 'Frontline'. We give each dog his drops, directly to the skin between the shoulder blades, once a month. Frontline is a flea and tick repellent. We've used it for about 8 months now and it appears to work terrifically.

Try feeding your dog garlic. Fleas do not like garlic and given to the dog often keeps the odor on the skin and the fleas will not bother with that dog. I do not know if it will work for ticks. But I have been doing this for over 8 years with my dogs and it works great on fleas