Tie Beam Tie Beam

A tie beam is a piece of wood used in roofing to hold the rafters together so they don't move the plate. A tie beam attaches adjacent rafters together somewhere in their midsection or bottom and runs horizontally across the ceiling. Without these the roof could tilt or twist out of place and cause structural problems.

• Step 1: Measure the distance from one rafter to another. You may need a friend to help you hold the tape measure.
• Step 2: Cut out boards to the dimensions, and make sure that you have enough for every rafter in the roof. You don't need to cut the beams at an angle unless the attic is an occupied room and you want the roof to have a finished look.
• Step 3: Nail each tie beam to the rafters. Use a level to check that they are all even.

Moving a Tie Beam

If you decide to make your attic into a finished room and would like to move each tie beam higher you will need to make sure that your roof is prepared for the added stress. On smaller, lighter roofs this is not as important, but some homes have very large tie beams in them. It's best to consult a contractor as to whether it can be moved or not.

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