Tightening Double Action Door Hinges

What You'll Need
Mortise router (optional)
New Hinges
A partner

If you are looking to install a door that will swing in both directions in one of your doorways, then you need double action door hinges. Tightening these hinges isn't difficult, so follow the guide below.

Step 1 - Check for Clearance

Doors with these types of hinges will be able to open 180 degrees both forward and backwards. The first thing that you should make sure of is that the area the door is installed in has no obstructions; otherwise, your door will not work properly. 

Step 2 - Make Your Purchase

When going out to purchase your hinges for installation, you will find that there are several different finishes that you can choose from. It is all a matter of personal taste and whether or not it will go with the door that you are wanting to install in this manner. The finishes are polished brass, satin brass, oil rubbed bronze and much more. Pretty much anything that will complement the area of your home the doors are located. 

Step 3 - Determine Number of Hinges

Another thing that you will need to take into consideration is whether or not you want two hinges or three hinges. It all depends upon whether you have a lightweight door or one that would be considered as a heavyweight door. 

Step 4 - Consider Mortising the Hinges

Decide whether or not to mortise your hinges to the door. This is when your hinge actually sits in a mortise which is an indent in the door so that your hinge lies flush with the door. This is a way to look like the installation was done by a professional. It also takes away the chances for the need of gaps between the door and the frame. You can make mortises with a hammer and chisel or with a router with mortise bit.

Step 5 - Position Hinges

If you did not decide to make mortises, place the hinges on the door one at a time. If you are using 3 hinges, put the third hinge close to the top hinge so the top of the door can handle the bulk of the weight. Doing this will allow your door and hinges to work smoothly for many, many years. When attaching the hinges, make sure that wood screws are used. They will usually come with the hinges but if not you will need to purchase them before you can tighten your double action door hinges. 

Step 6 - Finish Tightening

You will need an assistant to help you with this step. Have your helper steady the door while you begin to tighten the screws. Starting with the top hinge, screw in one screw. Then go to the bottom hinge and do the same thing. Now you can finish the job without help. Make sure that all the screws are tightly screwed into all areas of the door where your hinges are placed.