Tile a Brick Fireplace Like a Pro Tile a Brick Fireplace Like a Pro

What You'll Need
tile of your choice
a trowel
white, thinset cement.

You can tile brick fireplace fronts to give your old brick fireplace a brand new, modern look in just a few, simple steps.  

Before You Start

To prepare the bricks and ensure the best hold for the tile, clean the bricks first.  Start by taking a wire brush and scrubbing off as much of the debris as you can. Scrape away any loose mortar. Then, wash the bricks thoroughly using a cloth soaked in vinegar.  After cleaning the bricks, let them dry overnight.


Using a trowel, carefully lie a thin layer of cement over the bricks, filling in cracks and crevices as you go.  The first layer, once dried, may not be enough to give you the smooth surface you need, therefore, add a second layer.  After it dries, use more thinset cement to apply the tiles.  While straight rows of tiles are great, add a unique look to your fireplace by using broken pieces of tile in multiple colors.

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