Tile Decals: Decoration Ideas Tile Decals: Decoration Ideas

Tile decals are fast becoming the quick and easy option for replacing or covering boring or cracked tiles. When a tile has a thin hairline crack it is not always worth the work to replace it with a new tile. In some cases there may not be a spare or replacement available and so the quickest and simplest way is to buy a decal sticker. It is also a very cheap way to give your entire kitchen or bathroom a facelift and jazz it up a little.  

Bathroom Options

Whatever your chosen theme in the bathroom is, there are decals available. Many people opt for aquatic or marine themes to highlight the use of the room. Blue and aqua colors are very highly favored for bathrooms too and to get the most of your bathroom you can find decals for the tiles to suit the design. The graphics can also be personalized from photos or designs that you create.

Kitchen Options

Backsplash and tile murals are a great idea for updating and personalizing your kitchen. Many people like food related decals in their kitchens or subject matter which is relates to country living. You can also opt for silver or metallic decals which will have a glossy appearance on the tiles as well as updating the style. If your kitchen is older, you can also buy appliance decals to make over the rest of your kitchen too. They can of course be varnished over to protect them from peeling.

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