Tile Grout Repair Made Easy

What You'll Need
Paint brush
Spray bottle
Hand grout saw
Tile grout
Clean rags
Protective eyewear

Grout repair is not a very tedious task to accomplish but you should give yourself ample amount of time when you engage in this task. Depending on the severity of the repair to be done, the time required to complete it will vary. Here are easy steps to follow in repairing tile grout.

Step 1 – Determine Degree of Damage

Before you proceed with the repair process, assess the severity of the damage. Although the cracks can be quite obvious at times, there are instances in which less visible cracks are often deeper. To assess whether the crack is deep or not, simply put pressure atop the cracked line. Firm cracks would mean shallow ones while a spongy feel indicate deeper cracks.

Step 2 – Remove Cracked Part of the Grout

Using a hand grout saw, remove damaged portions of the grout. Do this as slowly and as carefully as you can in order to prevent damage to the tiles. Once free, keep dusting off the space using the old paint brush. Ensure that you remove all the dust so that the tiles and the new grout will adhere well.

Step 3 – Application of the Tile Grout

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the grout and then apply it into the empty grout line. Spread the grout on the grout line carefully, making sure that it will not overlap or spill in the adjoining tiles. Remove extra grout using a wet sponge.