Tile Paint Tile Paint

Many people find that their ceramic tile is extremely outdated, but you don’t have to do a complete remodel to rid yourself of the old-fashioned look.  You can effectively use tile paint to get rid of that horrid avocado tile in your kitchen or that rose tile in your bathroom.  Here is what you need to know about tile paint.

All About Tile Paint

There isn’t a tile paint readily available that will adhere well to shiny glazed tiles.  Some companies now come in and use a tile paint to resurface your entire bathroom, but they can be very expensive and the results are often less than desirable.  You can find ways to prepare the surface and turn common paint in to tile paint that will look fantastic.

The most important things about using tile paint to refinish your surface is to properly prep the tile.  Tile paint must have a surface that it can stick to.  Before going about using tile paint, be sure to vigorously scrub the tile with a commercial grade tile cleaner that contains a mild abrasive.  When you prepare to use tile paint, you will want to use those cleaners that you always steered clear of when you didn’t want to damage your tile surface.

Prepping to use tile paint will take more than just the abrasive cleaner to adequately get rid of the shiny glazed surface.  You will also want to thoroughly go over the entire area with an orbital sander before you apply tile paint.

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