Tile to Carpet Transition in 2 Steps Tile to Carpet Transition in 2 Steps

Ensuring that the tile to carpet transition goes smoothly is a relatively easy task. There are a number of transition materials that can be used including a threshold, a step-down threshold for when the new floor is higher than the carpeting, or you can butt the carpet against the tile and use a marble threshold over the edge.

Step 1 – Check Height
Make ure the carpet and the flooring are the same height. If they are not, use a threshold and tackless strip combination.

Step 2 – Attaching the Threshold
Place the threshold on the floor and attach to the tackless strip as you would when installing carpet. With a step-down threshold, as opposed to stapling, the threshold is screwed down into the carpet and angled so that the transition is still a smooth one.

Ensuring a smooth carpet to tile transition is relatively easy, as always ensure accuracy by measuring correctly.

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