Tiling Brick Tiling Brick

Tiling brick surfaces is performed to give an old feature in a building a newer, more attractive appearance. When it isn’t cost effective to remove the brick surfacing, it is possible to tile right over it for an instant facelift.

Reasons for tiling brick

Many homeowners, for example, find themselves exploring tiling brick to:

  • Cover up damaged areas – When an old fireplace, for example, has some damaged spots it can make sense to go about tiling brick rather than replacing.
  • Redecorate – Tiling brick can give a room a completely different appearance with a minimal investment in time and money.

What’s involved in tiling brick

Tiling brick surfaces with quality results in mind does require a careful touch. The basic steps involved in obtaining the right look include:

  • Creating a subsurface – While it’s possible to tile directly over brick, this can prove troublesome if an even appearance is desired. Placing wall or cement board over the brick surface first can facilitate a good looking job.
  • Cutting and placing tiles – Once a new surface has been made, tiling brick only requires the basic steps involved in a standard tile job. Make sure to properly size, cut and affix tiles for the best outcome. Grout should also be carefully applied.

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