Tiling Stairs: 3 Common Mistakes

Tiling stairs is a fairly easy task that you can do without the help of an expert. As tiles are among the most commonly used material for finishing, it is no wonder that they are also used to finish stairs. However, you need to take note that tiles are best installed on concrete stairs. Tiles installed on stairs that are made of wood could fall apart. Below are some common mistakes made when tiling stairs.

1. Not Thoroughly Cleaning the Surface

Tiles will not adhere completely to the surface if dust and other foreign particles are present. What you will get are loosely attached tiles that will crack and need replacement.

2. Applying a Thick Layer of Adhesive

Apply a thin coating of adhesive on the surface of the stairs. Apply the adhesive as evenly as you can to make for an even surface. You shouldn't have the adhesive leaking out between the tiles.

3. Not Giving the Tiles Enough Room

Allow a little space between the tiles (at least a fourth of an inch) to give them room. If you install them too close to one another, the tiles can become tented. Regardless of whether you are tiling stairs or a shower, tiles need room to move.