Time-Saving Tools for Carpentry

A measuring tape and pencil on a piece of lumber.

The world of carpentry is a complex one requiring an abundance of skill, a creative mind, and quite a few tools. Since this is a laborious DIY skill with projects that can span weeks or even months, any tips that will help save time are of the essence. Keep reading to learn about some of the best tools to keep on hand that will save time when it comes to carpentry and woodworking projects. They’re extremely handy, easy to use, and well worth giving up the vacant space in your toolbox or workshop for them.

Hand Saw

Someone using a hand saw on a piece of lumber.

This is a classic tool that comes in a range of forms, yet they all live to serve a common purpose. Because this saw allows carpenters to easily control a cut, it creates a great finish. Traditional, hacksaw, coping, and rip saws are all designed simplistically and are very helpful in a variety of projects. These saws certainly help to save time, so no carpentry can go without at least one of these in their arsenal of tools.

Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is another vital tool that will save a carpenter endless time. A 20-ounce hammer with steel handles is the best option as it allows for the right amount of driving force as well as a sturdy grip while in use. Carpenters typically drive a lot of nails, and this type of hammer will help to do just that. While wood handles are an okay choice, consistent use of a hammer with this type of handle will lead to sweaty hands, which is just plain uncomfortable.

Quick Clamps

Wood clamps.

To free up your hands as you work, quick clamps are a must. This is another tool that will save you time by increasing efficiency, making it a no-brainer. Quick clamps are used to secure and grip pieces of wood and lumber as needed during a project. This frees up hands to saw, cut, or carry out any other necessary action while still keeping wood pieces together as needed. This tool is versatile as they’re available in a range of sizes, designs, and styles. Choose a few different clamps to ensure you have what you need for any project that comes your way.

Nail Gun

To increase speed and efficiency when fastening nails into wood, a nail gun is a necessity. This tool will help any carpenter save an abundance of time, and while this is one of the more expensive tools on this list, it will save lots of time and money, making it well worth the investment. This tool comes in different power levels, so think about the projects it’ll be used for before you purchase one to ensure you make the right choice.

A Trusty Workbench

Someone cutting a piece of wood on a pair of sawhorses.

Workbenches may seem like a no-brainer, but not everyone thinks it’s necessary to invest in one. However, having a reliable and convenient workspace serves to help any carpenter work in a quicker fashion. Lightweight and portable saw horses are great tools, especially for projects such as framing or door installation, allowing even a singular carpenter to make the necessary measures and cuts.

Spirit Levels

While nowadays you can download a level directly onto your phone, purchasing an actual spirit level is a sound investment for a carpenter. They make it easy to find the perfectly leveled surface or product without relying on other technology. Spirit levels are available in different lengths. A long level is great when working with studs, whereas a short level is an easy-to-use alternative for small projects.

Carpentry work isn't always easy, which means it’s important to save time and be as efficient as possible during the process. These tools make it easier to do just that, simplifying the woodworking experience as much as possible.