Tin Roof Installation: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Install a tin roof on a home, garage, shed or shelter. Tin is one of the most cost effective materials to use as roofing. It is also environment-friendly, relatively inexpensive and extremely durable. As tin is also a lightweight material, installing it is quite easy. If you plan to install a tin roof without any professional help, here are 5 mistakes you should avoid.

Mistake 1 - Disregard for Safety

Roofing is considered quite a dangerous job for anyone to do and regardless of what type of roofing you install, safety precautions are necessary. Installing tin roof especially can be difficult. Remember to wear safety gloves throughout the projects as tin and nails can go through your skin and injure you. Wearing thick rubber-soled footwear is also an important safety measure.

Mistake 2 - Using Cheap Materials

This is one mistake you can’t afford to make. Many people feel that buying cheaper material can help them make huge savings. However, this is not a chance you should take with roofing. Buying cheap tin sheets and other roofing materials could be cost saving initially, but it is very likely that the roof could cave in later and you would have to spend a lot more to replace it. An incident like this could be even worse if the roofing collapses on someone. For this reason, it is important that you buy good quality roofing materials.

Mistake 3 - Inadequate Knowledge

Simply watching someone installing a tin roof is not enough to do the job on your own. There are many things that you should know when installing a tin roof. Make sure you get as much information as you can before attempting to do it on your own

Mistake 4 - Wrong Measurement

While installing your tin roof, don’t rush into anything. It is important that you perform each step slowly and properly. Any measurements should be confirmed two or three times before you proceed. Be careful while cutting the tin sheets. If the tin sheets need to overlap to install the roof, don’t use the sheets sparingly. It is important that the top of the structure is covered properly to avoid leaks and other problems.

Mistake 5 - Using Inappropriate Tools

You may have to use hand and power tools like drills or welders for installing a tin roof. Ensure that you know how to operate them properly to avoid any kind of accidents. If you have no experience, learn and practice handling them before you can use them on the roof. Also make sure that electrical connections for these tools are correct and separate from the others. You should start your roofing project only when you are sure of your skills with different tools.