Metal Ceiling Tiles

A vintage modeled ceiling.

Copper and tin ceiling tiles share many of the same characteristics. They are both high-quality substitutes for conventional ceiling materials such as drywall or wood because they are more durable. On top of that, they offer similar benefits and are installed in similar ways.

Benefits of Metal Ceiling Tiles

Tin and copper ceiling tiles are slower to deteriorate and less vulnerable to corrosion than their non-metal counterparts, and, unlike the latter, they do not provide a food source for rodents or insects. Metal ceiling tiles are highly resistant to mold and discoloration. They can also withstand a fire hotter than 1300 degrees F for an hour.

Metal-Ceiling-Tile Installation

Tin and copper ceiling tiles are installed using the same process. Remove any crown molding. Measure the room, select a tile size, and lay out your design with a chalk line to determine how many regular and cut tiles you will need. Cut the tiles to fit as needed. Fasten them with furring strips, a drop ceiling grid, nails, or glue.