Why Buy a Tin Ceiling?

An ornate, tin ceiling.

They Are No Longer Made of Tin!

There’s an aluminum alloy that recreates the look of these beautiful tin ceilings. Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant, durable product that doesn’t rust, unlike steel, which is used by some manufactures of pressed tin. The panels are still widely known as pressed tin even though they are not made from tin.

Panel Sizes / Weight Differences

Aluminum ceiling panels are much smaller than plasterboard. They are usually 6 feet by 2 feet or 6 feet by 3 feet. A few are only 2 feet by 2 feet. This metal paneling is only 1/50 (yes, 1/50) of an inch thick. It is actually thicker than the original, older style of tin paneling, but it is much lighter. One person can carry several sheets at one time. The weight difference is enormous.

Painting a Pressed Aluminum Ceiling

Painting an ornate, aluminum ceiling in fine detail is easy because you can paint it before you attach it to the ceiling. On the other hand, painting a plaster ceiling is very difficult because it requires special equipment. Otherwise, you will quickly get a sore back and neck. Oil-based paints are recommended.


When this special aluminum alloy is pressed into the various designs, it hardens substantially and holds its shape exceedingly well.

Variety of Patterns and Designs

Variety of Patterns and Designs

There is an enormous range of patterns available to suit your ceiling. There are designs suited for both commercial and residential buildings plus there are contemporary designs as well as traditional patterns.

Longer Lasting Than a Plaster Ceiling

Aluminum ceilings won’t rust, they won’t crack, and they won’t fall. The material they are made from is non-porous, so it resists moisture and odor. If you can remove water quickly, it won’t damage your tiles. You certainly can’t say that about most other types of decorative ceilings.


Ornate aluminum ceilings will add more value to your property than they cost. After they’re painted according to your tastes, they become unique and therefore even more valuable.