Tint Tint

A tint is a color or combination of colors added to a white base. When you are mixing paint, adding a tint will be able to change the color of the paint to whatever you want without having to buy several different colors of paint. Most hardware stores are able to add the tint for you so that it is accurate to the exact color you want.

• Step 1: Select the type of paint you want. They will all be white in color, but you must decide if you want exterior, interior, glossy, or flat paint.
• Step 2: Decide what color you want. Choose one of the color swatches inside the hardware store to help them identify the color you want.
• Step 3: Take your paint and color swatch to the department counter and have them add the tint for your paint.

Finding the Right Tint

Many people are looking for a very specific color, and it can be difficult to match it up with a specific color swatch. To aid your search bring in an object, or a picture of one, that is the exact tint you want. You can compare the color swatch to it or have the department workers match it precisely for you.

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