Tinting Sunroom Glass: Reduce Light and Energy Costs

hand opening tinted glass door

Having a sunroom built onto your home provides you with a way to enjoy the outdoor elements without actually having to step outside. Adding window tint to the windows of your sunroom, or solarium, has many added benefits besides being able to see outside. You can do the window tinting yourself, or you could have a professional come into to do it. Either way, the added tinting will add a great amount of value to your home and save you in energy costs.

Reduce Light from Sun

As great as a sunroom is the added light that is let in from the sun, it can also be a problem. At some point in the day, the light will be quite intense because of the way it comes through the window. Glass acts as an intensifier and multiplies the strength of the sun's rays. This will make reading, working on a puzzle, working on a laptop or watching a television very hard to do. Window tinting will reduce the intensity of the light and the glare.

Save on Energy Costs

Window tint in your sunroom will help you save on our energy costs. Windows are both a great blessing and a curse to a home. Large windows in the sunroom will let you see what is going on outside and give you great views of the surrounding area. They will absorb the heat from the sun and release it into the room making it much hotter. In the winter time, they actually release heat outside, making your heating system work harder. Window tint will reflect the sun's heat back out, while also keeping in heat during the winter. This will save you a lot of money on your home's heating and cooling bills.

Give Added Privacy

Besides helping to reduce the glare of the sun and to decrease your energy bills, window tinting will also provide you with more privacy. Window tinting is made in such a way that you can see out fine, but it is too dark on the outside to see in. This will keep people who are walking by, or nosy neighbors, from looking while you are eating, or entertaining.

Increase Home Security

A sunroom is another way into a home. Most of the time, thieves will smash through the window in order to gain entrance into the house when they see something that they like. With window tinting, not only can they not see if you are home or not, but people can not see what you might have that is worth taking. You might have several expensive pieces of furniture in your solarium, but with the window tint you will not be able to see them.

Reduce Fading

When the sun is allowed to shine down on something for a long period of time it will fade the colors. Furniture coverings, pieces of art, rugs, wall paper, and even wood can all be ruined by the constant sunshine. Window tint will greatly reduce, and even eliminate, any signs of fading from the sun's rays.