Tips and Techniques for Repairing a Concrete Cracked Wall Tips and Techniques for Repairing a Concrete Cracked Wall

A cracked wall is not something to take lightly. If you have a cracked wall then you have several problems waiting to happen. Concrete serves as a stabilizing brace to most homes and a cracked wall can weaken that stability. A cracked wall can also allow insects access to the home as well as other animals that can cause damage to other areas of the home. Water will have no problem getting through a cracked wall either so there is yet another potential problem. Even though you have a crack wall you should not panic. Concrete is very strong and a cracked wall made from concrete is surprisingly easy to repair when you know how and what tools to use. The article that follows will share some techniques and tip on how to repair a cracked wall.

Shims and Grout

Repairing a cracked wall with grout is the obvious answer but this is a little more difficult because it's fairly loose and doesn't adhere to open space effectively. The solution is to use a shim made from wood. Measure the crack in the wall in sections. The trick is to make several wood shims the height and thickness of the largest areas of the crack. The shims are inserted into the cracked wall and hammered in with a mallet. It is important to get the shim in the crack even with the wall or slightly sunk beneath the surface. Once the shims are in place you can then use grout and spread if over the cracked wall to cover the shims. The grout will dry and fill the hole as you spread it out with a trowel and will strengthen the shim.

Start with a Clean Surface

Any type of dirt or residue can cause the concrete to fail to bond. This is pointless when trying to repair a cracked wall. Cleaning it with mild soap and water will help in the bonding process but is not typically mandated. It is, however, important to remove loose concrete. Use a brush to remove the loose bits and feel free to use a chisel and hammer to create edges that are smooth. This helps to bond concrete together and to patch it with bits of concrete.

Pastry Bags are Useful

When you go to the store looking for ways to repair cracked walls you'll not find a pastry bag in the aisle. A pastry bag is used in baking to put icing on cakes as well as fill donuts and other baked goods. The pastry bag can also easily repair cracked walls. You need a plastic pastry bag and no tip is required. You will also need concrete and water. Mix the concrete according to the package instructions. Fill the pastry bag with the concrete and cut away the tip. Insert the bag into the crack and squeeze the concrete into the crack. Continue until the crack is full of concrete. Use a trowel to spread the overflow. Once the concrete has cured the cracked wall is repaired.

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