Tips for a PVC Greenhouse Frame

The PVC greenhouse frame is often seen as the answer to the prayers of garden enthusiasts. They are economical, lightweight and can be constructed in as little as a single day. There are a few aspects to consider before erecting this perfect growing structure. The PVC greenhouse frame may not be for everyone. 

Tip #1 - The Location

PVC Greenhouse frames need to be placed where they can get as much sunlight as possible. This is especially true in winter when temperatures fall and there are less hours of daylight. PVC greenhouses do not provide good insulation and unfortunately, a lot of the heat can be lost. Locating your greenhouse in a spot that gets the most sunlight possible can help offset this problem.

Tip #2 – Keeping in Heat

Despite the fact that PVC greenhouses are not the best insulators, there are several things you can do to keep in as much heat as possible. Passive solar systems can be effective, but expensive, alternatives.

A cheaper option is to use a large, black painted container filled with water. This is an effective method of keeping heat inside a greenhouse during the night. By placing the container inside the greenhouse during the day, the water will progressively warm up during sunlight hours. Subsequently, it will retain its heat at night and help to distribute warmth to plants long after the sun goes down. 

For larger PVC Greenhouses, a troupe wall could be an option. These are large sized masonry walls that are painted black. They are also coated with heat absorbing material. Again, these absorb the heat during the day and release it at night. 

Those that desire a more consistent source of heat in their PVC greenhouses may opt for regulated sources of heat. Installing a heater will help keep a constant temperature. A more controllable heat source may be required depending on the types of plant being grown. The most popular heaters operate using electricity, gas and paraffin so additional costs will have to be considered. If a PVC greenhouse is large in size, it may turn out to be a fairly expensive option. 

Tip #3 - Building Skills

One of the great things about a PVC greenhouse is the ease of construction. PVC is flexible and this makes it surprisingly easy to work with, especially for those that may have limited DIY skills. 

There are numerous ways to build a PVC greenhouse and designs will often be dependent on the overall size of a unit. Plans for greenhouses can be picked up for free at garden centers or online. For novice DIY enthusiasts, most garden centers and DIY stores sell complete PVC greenhouse frame kits. All the parts and instructions will be included within these packs and assembly is reasonably simple.