Tips for Adding Slate Tile to Your Countertops Tips for Adding Slate Tile to Your Countertops

Slate tile is created with natural stone. It is used in many backsplash and kitchen flooring applications because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. It can also be used on countertops. Here are some tips for adding slate tile to your countertops.

Creating Your Design

Lay out some of the tiles without any adhesive to see how your design looks. Mark the back of the tiles so you know where to place them on the adhesive.

Installing the Tiles

Use your trowel to apply a thinset mortar to the countertop at your beginning spot. Beginning at an counter edge makes the installation quicker and easier. Work in small spaces at a time. Begin at one edge of the countertop and position the first slate tile on the mortar. Firmly press on the tile so that it will sit in a level position. Continue laying the rest of the tiles, inserting spacers in between them. Allow the mortar enough time to dry completely.

Grouting the Tiles

Apply the grout with a trowel. Work the grout into all of the spaces. Wipe any excess grout from the tiles with a damp cloth. Allow the grout enough time to dry thoroughly. Leave the grout to cure for a week.

Sealing the Tiles

Apply a sealer to the slate tiles. Use a sealer that is specifically designed for slate. Allow the sealer to dry completely.


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