Tips for Adjusting a Power Steering Box

The steering wheel is connected to the steering box, and the power steering box transmits movements to the front suspension of a car. The steering box is located in the car’s engine compartment, and it forms a connection between the tie rods/pitman arm and steering column. The tie rods and the pitman arm act to turn the front wheels of a car. When a car gets old, the steering wheel will start to feel loose. The steering box needs to be adjusted, if it starts to feel loose or turn without your control. Here are some tips for adjusting a power steering box:

Park the Vehicle

Before you adjust the power steering box, you must park the car. Find a flat or level surface and turn the front wheels to point straight ahead. Put the car in gear, for manual transmission systems, and lock the brakes.

Jack Up the Car Front Wheels

In adjusting the steering box, make sure the front axle is jacked up, to enable the front wheels to lift off the ground. A steering box has 2 casings, which move relative to each other. After jacking up the front wheels, proceed to adjust the mesh screws. Turn the mesh screws until the steering wheel has a slight drag in the forward direction.