Tips for Adjusting Spring Door Hinges

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When needing to adjust your spring door hinges there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. A lot of people are not aware that their spring door hinges can even be adjusted and will think that something is wrong with the door.

Tension Pin Removal

The first thing that you will need to worry about is getting the tension pin removed properly. It is going to be on the same side of your cylinder on your spring-loaded door hinge. Make sure that you use needle-nose pliers for this task.

Use Hex Wrench

You are now ready to use your hex wrench. This will be used in the little round hole that will be towards the top part of your cylinder. It is on the spring-loaded door hinge. This particular hinge will probably have been installed using a tension adjustment hole that is on the bottom.

Tension Spring Rotation

You will then need to get your tension spring rotated. Make sure that you go clockwise when you are doing this at the top. When you are making adjustments to the bottom you will need to go counterclockwise. Failure to go the right way could result in a poor adjustment.