Tips for Applying Faux Venetian Plaster Tips for Applying Faux Venetian Plaster

There are different techniques used when you apply faux venetian plaster. There is the two-tone technique and the single. Each one is applied pretty much the same way with an extra step in the two-tone technique.

Below are some tips for applying your faux venetian plaster.

Heavy Nap Roller

The first thing you will want to do is make sure you are using a roller with a heavy nap. This will allow you to apply a thick coat very easily.

Small Sections

Applying faux venetian plaster in smaller sections is best. Usually four-by-four sections are a good route to take. After you complete each section, you will want to immediately smooth each section with a trowel before moving onto the next section.

Apply Two Coats

This is where using different techniques come in. If you are opting for a two-tone technique, you will want to apply a second coat of plaster that is just a bit different than the first coat you applied. Either technique requires an application of a second coat.

You will apply the second coat in a wavy-type pattern. This will allow a bit of texture, and is best to be done to prevent any missing spots.

Double Check

Double check to see if there are any spots you may have missed. If you apply the second coat in a wavy manner, these spots should be minimal, but if there are any spots you will want to go over them again right away.

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