Tips for Applying Garage Wall Paint Tips for Applying Garage Wall Paint

Applying garage wall paint is probably not the most complicated home improvement project, but it can go awry if you're not prepared. Here are a few tips to make painting your garage easy and mistake-free.


We all know that lots of dirt, debris and grit can accumulate in the garage so before you apply your garage wall paint make sure your garage is clean. Any dirt that stays on the walls will impede your paint from properly adhering to the wall and the finish will look sloppy and dirty.

Wall Health

Because we don't spend as much time in the garage as other parts of the house, we tend to let things go, like cracks and holes. It might be a good idea, before you start with your garage wall paint, to make repairs. This way you won't have a more complicated repair to make later.

Use Exterior Paint

Though you won't be painting outside, you'll probably want a robust paint to stand up to all that goes on in your garage so choose an exterior paint. Interior paint won't hold up very well and if you use it you'll probably have to re-paint sooner than you want. Apply multiple coats, letting the paint dry completely before continuing.

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