Tips for Applying Grout to a Stone Veneer Wall Tips for Applying Grout to a Stone Veneer Wall

When you are installing a new stone veneer wall, there are several things you will want to keep in mind to keep your project from causing you issues later on. The stability of your wall depends on the construction of it in the beginning stages, and the method you use to secure your panels.

Work in Small Areas

One good tip is to make sure when you are installing the stone veneer wall you focus on small areas at a time. Work from one wall and across and up before getting to the end corner to shore things up. This ensures that the tiles are on securely and evenly, which will prevent them from cracking and falling apart over time.

Do Corners Last

Once you have reached the far end of your stone veneer wall, cut and fit your end pieces to tie the wall together. Binding two walls that come together at the corners, involves having those two ends come together at 45 degrees, and grouted into position.

Apply Grout to the Back of the Tiles

As you are applying tiles, be sure to grout the backs of them, and gently tap and hold them into place, before moving to the next panel, this will prevent them from simply falling off once they dry.

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