Tips for Assembling an Interior Glass Wall Tips for Assembling an Interior Glass Wall

Those who live in houses with glass walls should not throw stones. While it may not be a glass house you are building, glass walls are a great way to break up a room while capitalizing on light flow. A glass wall will add privacy with the look of elegance.

While there are different material options for creating a glass wall, the most practical is to use glass blocks. Glass blocks are heavy, but this ensures that an accidental bumping into them will not cause your wall to come shattering down.

Do a Dry Run

To ensure that the wall is going to fit properly, it is a good idea to set up a mock wall. Place the blocks, panel anchors, and reinforcement rods into position to give you an idea of how your wall will fit once in place. This will save you from costly adjustments that may be needed if everything doesn’t fit properly into the space provided.

Stabilize the Wall

One extremely important aspect that you should not overlook is creating stability within your wall. This can be done by attaching a panel anchor to each row of blocks and securely screwing the panel anchor into the extension strip. Reinforcement rods should be secured to the top of each row as well.  

Mortar Tips

The easiest and most efficient way to apply mortar to the bricks is to use a caulking gun instead of a putty knife. With the caulking gun you are able to control the exact amount of mortar that you apply as well as where it goes. Using a putty knife can get a little messy.

Weight Bearing Wall

A glass wall should never be used in a place where a load bearing wall is needed. Weight that is unnecessarily placed on a glass wall can cause the blocks to shift, crack, or even shatter.

Drilling and Cutting

Do not attempt to drill holes or cut the glass blocks. This requires special tools that should only be done in the factory.

Clear Glass

When you are ordering clear glass blocks it is important to realize that most clear glass may have an inherent blue or green tint. The tint will vary by manufacturer.

Mark the Wall

Nothing is more embarrassing than walking into a glass door, except maybe walking into a glass wall. You can avoid this by incorporating discretion stickers into the design of the wall. These stickers will deter people from walking smack dab into the glass, allowing you to enjoy your streak free shine a little longer.

Be Practical

While a glass wall is going to offer some privacy, it is still made of glass. You will still be able to see the outlines of objects and people on the other side of the wall. 

Also, glass is going to need to be cleaned more often than the rest of the walls in your home. Choosing a glass wall is similar to choosing a glass top coffee table. It looks charming when it is clean, however once fingerprints and smears appear, it looses its appeal rather quickly.

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