Tips For Attracting Dragonflies To Your Yard

Attracting dragonflies to your garden or yard is fairly easy if you grow the correct plants and provide the dragon flies with a water source.  If you wish to attract more dragonflies to your yard, it is essential that you install an appropriate water feature for the dragonflies to populate.

Create a Dragonfly Pond

Dragonflies may spend up to seven years living in the water before they emerge onto land as an adult.  If you wish to attract an abundance of dragonflies to your yard, create a dragonfly pond where the dragonflies can hunt, breed and relax.  The pond should be of moderate size and depth; approximately fifteen feet in diameter and at least one or two feet deep. Populate the water and perimeter of the pond with native plant species to attract other insects for the dragonflies to prey upon. Place a few rocks at the water’s edge to provide the dragonflies with a place to rest and relax in the hot sun.

If you do not have the capital to excavate a pond in your yard, you may consider using a small kiddy pool. It is not as attractive as a natural pond, the water and natural setting will attract more dragonflies than a bare and grassy yard.