Tips for Building a Window Seat in Small Spaces

Building a window seat from the ground up is difficult enough without the added pressure of working within a small space. There are many things that you can do to create a window seat that you will love in a space that may not allow for much flexibility. Remember to keep your window seat in proportion with your room, use it as a primary form of seating if you choose, and work with the things and the space that you already have.


Since you are building your window seat in a small room, it may seem to make sense to build a small seat. While this may be appropriate for the room, it may not be your most comfortable option. Consider instead centering your entire room around the window, and using the window seat as your primary form of seating in place of a couch. This way, you can build a larger and more comfortable window seat without having an awkward room arrangement that may hide it.

Consider the height of your seat as well. If you keep the bench shorter, the ceiling will appear to be higher, and you’ll have a larger stretch of wall between the bench and the window for cushions. This will also leave you room to hang longer drapes on your windows, which will give even more of an illusion of height. Your window seat will seem more luxurious when framed with a curtain and lined with pillows. It will also seem more like a primary form of seating in your small space.

What You Have

Your only option is not to build an immaculate, wooden bench from scratch. Anything can be considered a window seat if it is placed near a window, and able to be sat on. Drag an ordinary bench, couch, or even series of chairs beneath a window, and top it with cushions and pillows. Your room will look yard-sale chic, and guests will love all of the room they have to relax.

If you want a window seat in your bedroom, or if you live in a studio apartment, think about placing a twin-sized bed beneath your window and lining the back with pillows. The bed will double as your sleeping space, and a particularly comfortable window seat. Drape the window with curtains to provide a frame for the view, and a canopy for your bed!

Utilizing Your Space

Window seats can easily be pushed into the background if your room’s furniture is not arranged to highlight them. If your window seat is in a living space, gather the rest of the furniture to put the focus on the seat. If your window seat is in a kitchen, consider making it into a component of a banquet. Pull up a table, and surround the other three sides with chairs. This will leave more room in the center of your kitchen where the table would otherwise have been.

If you’re working with a small space, don’t let your window seat look cramped. Let it stand out!