Tips for Building a Wrap-Around Tree Bench

A wrap around tree bench is a great original addition to your garden. It is also a practical thing as you will be providing plenty of seating space without spending money on chairs and also without taking up much space.

Select a Tree With a Wide Branch

It is best to select a tree which has a wide branch. This will help you to increase the seating space as the circumference of the tree bench will be larger. Besides it will help you to lessen mistakes as the wider the area the more opportunity you will have to make adjustments.

Take the Measurements Carefully and Draw a Sketch

It is best to take the measurements carefully and list them on paper so that you will purchase enough material while also helping you to keep them at hand while cutting and assembling the bench. Drawing a sketch and marking the measurements onto it will be very helpful and reduce mistakes.

Select Wood That is Easy to Work With

Make sure to select a type of wood that is both easy to work with and also robust enough for the weather conditions. This is especially important if you do not have specialized tools or if you do not have a lot of experience in woodwork.

Level Off the Ground Around the Tree

Make sure you remove any weeds, shrubs and rocks from around the tree where you will be installing the bench. Then, loosen the soil around the tree with a garden rake and shovel and dig a few inches downwards so that you will level off the ground better.

Keep an Eye On the Angles

Since the wrap-around tree bench will be hexagonal or octagonal, you must pay a lot of attention on the angles. So you have to mark the wood and cut along the marking so as to avoid cutting at an incorrect angle, since this will ruin the neatness of the shape of the bench.

Protect the Wood

It is best to seal or paint the wood with a weather resistant material which will prolong its life by fighting against moisture and the sun’s rays. There are various types of wood treatments one can apply. It is best to sand the wood prior to applying any type of protective coating. Also, make sure to apply more than one coating.  

Use Corrosion Resistant Accessories and Parts

Make sure that you use corrosion-resistant accessories and parts, including the screws, nails and corner braces. These will prolong the life and durability of the bench. It will also avoid them from rusting and possibly ruining the wood adjacent or underneath them.

Secure Well to the Ground

Secure the bench to the ground well by inserting its legs to holes in the ground. It is advisable to back-fill the holes with gravel and to pour a mix of quick-drying concrete for better stability. This will also help to avoid sagging.

Building a wrap-around tree bench is not an overly difficult task as long as you keep in mind these simple basic tips.