Tips for Calculating Brick Siding Cost

Calculating brick siding cost for your DIY brick siding project can be complicated initially. The key to accurate, practical and realistic calculation of your brick siding cost is taking accurate measurements before doing the project. Here are tips on calculating the cost to help you finish the exterior of your house beautifully and with a cost in mind.

Measure Space You Are Covering

Keep in mind that you will have to take two accurate measurements and then calculate the cost. First, take accurate measurements of the space you think you will be covering after your brick siding project is done. This can be the entire area outside your house. Get a tape measure and measure the siding area of the house, accurately. Also take measurements of the height and width of the walls. Note these down carefully for future reference.

Determine Square Feet

You need a square foot value to buy the bricks for your brick siding. Use the measurements you took before and multiply the width into the height measurement. The value you get is the square foot value. You can now take this value to your brick contractor and ask for a per-square-foot price. Multiply that per-square-foot price by your total square footage. You have your brick siding cost calculated, minus the installation costs of the contractor.