Tips for Calculating Handicap Shower Stall Costs

Installing a handicap shower stall on a property can not only increase the number of buyers who might be interested in the property, but is also a cheap and effective solution to assisting those with handicaps. There are a number of things that can increase or reduce the costs of installing a simple handicap shower stall in the bathroom, and calculating how much the complete installation will cost is an important way to begin.

Calculating the Costs

The first consideration will be the style of handicap shower stall you require. Will you want a standard handicap shower build, which includes a low-level barrier at the bottom of the shower pan, or will you require a shower stall which is barrier free? The latter will naturally be more expensive, as it will need additional waterproofing to the bathroom, as well as fitting and arranging the handicap shower stall.

You should also consider the cost of the handicap shower stall. There are a range of styles, some of which can be much cheaper than installing a wet room or handicap tub. Get quotes for the cost of installing the tubs as part of the price, as you can then calculate the entire price of installing a handicap shower stall.