Tips for Carving Designs into Solid Oak Corbels

Lead Image for Tips for Carving Designs into Solid Oak Corbels

Oak corbels are used to accent the corners of both the interior and exterior of a home. You can purchase plain oak corbels at a home improvement store and then carve designs into them. Oak is a very hardwood, which makes carving into it very hard to do. The article below will share several tips with you on how to carve designs into solid oak corbels.

Go with a Simple Design

When carving solid oak corbels, choose a design that is bold but simple. Stay away from intricate designs, as small details are very difficult to cut out of such a hardwood, especially without special tools.


Always practice on a scrap piece of oak prior to carving the solid oak corbels. This will help you judge how long the project may take. You will also be able to become better acquainted with the tools and how the oak feels.

Carbon Paper

You need to have a strong design and a template to carve solid oak corbels. Make your design on a piece of paper, and then tape it to carbon paper. Wrap the carbon paper around the oak corbel, and then trace the design. Then, transfer the design to the solid oak corbels for easy carving.

Sharp Tools

Use very sharp tools to carve solid oak corbels. Tools in top condition will make it easier to cut the hard oak.