4 Tips for Ceiling Insulation Replacement

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There are situations that arise that require the removal of ceiling insulation. The job can be done by any homeowner, but care must be taken to properly dispose of the insulation that's being removed.

1 – Removing the Ceiling Tiles

If you are replacing rolled insulation, carefully climb your ladder and carefully detach the existing ceiling tiles. If the insulation you are removing has been blown into the area, use your reciprocating saw to make a hole in the ceiling that will fit the leaf blower nozzle.

2 – Removing the Insulation

Use the back of your hammer to remove the nails that secure the rolled insulation in position. Carefully roll up the insulation. Remove the insulation from the ceiling. Blown insulation will need to be removed with the leaf blower. Attach a garbage bag to the blower outlet. Turn the power switch to the reverse position. Suction the insulation out of the ceiling and into the garbage bag.

3 – Disposing of the Insulation

Put the rolled insulation into a large garbage bag. Secure the bag with a twist tie. When the bag of blown insulation becomes full, turn off the blower and replace the full bag with an empty one. Create another hole when the area over the first area will not suction out any more insulation. Continue until all of the insulation has been removed.

4 – Replacing the Insulation

If you have removed rolled insulation, install a new layer of rolled ceiling insulation. If you removed blown insulation, blow in more insulation through the holes you have made.