Tips for Charging a 12-Volt Battery Tips for Charging a 12-Volt Battery

Knowing how to charge a 12 volt battery can help to ensure that you know what to do if the car suddenly fails for this purpose. Knowing what tips to implement when charging the battery will help to ensure that it is done correctly.


There may be occasions when the 12 volt battery fails to hold a charge because the water level is insufficient. To rectify this, check the water and refill it to the necessary level with distilled water before recharging it.


When using a charger to renew a 12 volt battery, you must ensure that the positive probe is attached to the positive battery point and the negative attached to the negative point. Test the battery afterwards to ensure it has charged. The car can also be used as a charger if you are able to borrow a charged battery. Start the car with the charged battery attached before removing it and replacing it with the flat battery.   

Jumper Cables

If you are on your travels when the 12 volt battery goes flat, charging it will require the assistance of another car and jumper cables. The positive and negative alligator clips of the cables must be attached to the correct points.

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