Tips for Choosing and Applying Basement Floor Paint

Applying a basement floor paint is a great cost-effective alternative to wood floors or carpet. It can turn your basement into a great space for an office, children's playroom, or lounge area. Outlined in this article are some tips for choosing and applying basement floor paint.

Epoxy Basement Floor Paint

Although there are many different types of paint which can be used on your basement floor, epoxy and concrete paints are the two most popular. Epoxy is a water-based paint that is extremely durable and very resistant to grease and oil. Additionally, epoxy paints are effective sealants for waterproofing your basement; furthermore, they are not difficult to clean.

Concrete Basement Floor Paint

Concrete paints are another viable option for waterproofing. They are perfect if you want a simplistic look for your basement, since most concrete paints are grey. Like epoxy, concrete paints are also very durable.

Applying Basement Floor Paint

Before you apply your basement floor paint, you need to ensure that the floor is not damp. If you find dampness anywhere, make sure you dry it with a dehumidifier or hairdryer before applying the paint to make sure the paint attaches to the floor correctly. It is also important to fix any cracks with caulking and use sandpaper to smooth out any rough areas. Before you begin painting, clean the floor thoroughly and remove stains. Use a roller to apply the paint in as many coats as you feel is necessary.