Tips for Choosing the Best Garage Floor Paint

There are several points that need to be taken into account when choosing the best garage floor paint to ensure the result is the correct one. By considering all aspects of the paint and the use of the garage, you can ensure that you make the right choice.

Tip 1 - Purpose

Bear in mind the manner in which the garage is used to help you decide on the best garage floor paint to apply. Whether the garage is used for storing and working on cars, or as a do-it-yourself workshop, it is possible for the floor to suffer wear and damage.

Choosing a garage floor paint that will protect the floor as well as improve the look of it is prudent in these circumstances. Check the specifications of the paint to ensure that it is hardy enough to resist stains and damage. Where chemicals and similar toxic compounds are used in the garage, choose an a polyurethane based finish which is resistant to chemicals and will prevent damage.

Tip 2 - Existing Décor

To ensure that you end up with a cohesively decorated space, take the existing color scheme into account when choosing the best garage floor paint. The range of colors on the market make it possible for the entire interior of the garage to be painted the same color. However, if you want to make more of an impact, use a paint that gives a marble effect or another high gloss surface.   

Tip 3 - Time

If you use the garage often and do not want it to be out of commission for a long period of time, the best garage floor paint to use would be a quick drying variety that doesn’t require several coats. Some types of paint and finish will require a base coat and a top coat before and after application which will increase the length of time needed to complete the task.

Tip 4 - Guarantee

Check the label of a range of floor paints to check for confirmation of how many years the manufacturer guarantees the paint for before further coats are required. The best garage floor paint will last a great number of years without the requirement of any retouches or a significant amount of maintenance. Often another coat will need to be applied after 2 to 3 years.   

Tip 5 - Maintenance

Most paints will only require a minimal amount of maintenance to ensure that the surface remains in good shape, however, others may require a little more effort depending on the conditions that the garage are subject to. For example, some epoxy paints can develop a white blush on the surface if exposed to a high level of moisture. Take note of the cleaning method recommended for each paint option once it has dried after application.   

Tip 6 - Application    

In order for the floor paint to be applied effectively, some varieties require certain conditions to be in place during this process. If it is not possible to obtain the temperature and humidity conditions that are necessary to apply epoxy paint well, choose a paint that will not become unstable according to the changes to the atmosphere.