Tips for Cleaning a Bird Bath Fountain

If your bird bath fountain is looking a little dirty, it may be time to clean it. Fortunately, with a few helpful tips, your bird bath fountain can be cleaned in no time at all.

Cleaning the Tub

Begin the cleaning process by emptying the water from the tub and turning off the water supply to the fountain. If the tub is not removable, use a siphoning hose to suck up all the water. Now that the tub is empty, use a garden hose to vigorously spray it down, thus removing any large pieces of dirt, grease or grime. Should any caked-on dirt deposits prove unyielding, you may need to incorporate the aid of a hard bristled scrub brush.

Cleaning the Fountain

Now that the tub portion of your bird bath fountain has been given a thorough cleaning, carefully inspect the fountain's inlet for any signs of dirt or debris. Should you come across any, use your garden hose to rinse them away. If any dirt deposits prove stubborn, scrub them away with the aid of an expendable toothbrush. Once the fountain tub and inlet have been properly cleaned, use a siphoning hose to suck up all the water used during the cleaning process, then put fresh water in the tub and turn your bird bath fountain's water supply back on.