Tips for Cleaning a Car Headliner

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While it's an area of your vehicle that you seldom think about, your car headliner should be given a periodic cleaning to prevent dirt and dust from building up. The next time your car headliner starts to look a little dirty, make sure to utilize the following tips.

Remove Dust With a Vacuum Cleaner

If you're looking to remove dust from your car headliner, this can be accomplished with a aid of a mini vac or a regular vacuum cleaner that features upholstery attachments. Gently run your vacuum cleaning tool of choice up and down your headliner, making sure to devote special attention to any exceptionally dusty areas. For best results, make a point of utilizing this tip whenever washing your car.

Remove Stains With an Upholstery Cleaning Solution

If your car headliner has fallen victim to any stains, you should generally be able to remove them with the aid of a commercial upholstery cleaner. Make sure the cleaner you use is suited to the material of which your headliner is composed, apply a small amount of cleaning solution to an expendable washcloth, then proceed to wipe the stains in a circular fashion until they have been successfully removed. Take care to air out your car to get rid of any lingering fumes before using the vehicle again. Also, if you're bothered by such fumes, it's a good idea to perform the cleaning process with your doors and/or windows open.