Tips for Cleaning a Cold Air Intake

The cold air intake is an integral part of a car’s functioning since it assists in increasing the amount of air delivered to the engine intake. This helps in raising the performance of the vehicle in terms of increasing the engine’s combustion capacity. This raises the fuel economy of the car and ensures that the fuel is properly combusted, helping to neutralize residue/gases/vapors created from fuel combustion.

However, cold air intake can get clogged and needs periodic cleaning. This is not a difficult task provided you are aware about some cold air intake cleaning basics and handy tips.

Start with Basic Cleaning & Disengage Air Filter

You need to loosen the debris that has settled on the cold air intake. Use a screwdriver for this purpose. If you are concerned about rendering some damage with the screwdriver’s tip, cover the tip with a dry cloth. This is the best way to remove the debris and loosen the mounting band within the cold air intake that secures the air filter. Now, you can easily pull-out the air filter.

Wash the Air Filter

Proceed with washing the air filter separately. You can prepare a cleaning solution for this. Use a mixture of a dishwasher detergent and some water. You can soak the air filter in this solution for about 20 minutes. Remove the filter from the cleaning solution and dry it. Coat it with some engine oil as it helps to prevent corrosion. This also ensures that the bigger pieces of debris are stuck on the filter and not passed into the engine’s intake. You will again need the screwdriver to re-mount the filter within the cold air intake.