Tips for Cleaning a Dirty Fuel Filter Tips for Cleaning a Dirty Fuel Filter

A dirty fuel filter is not effective at removing dirt and impurities from the gasoline or diesel supplied to the engine. Over time, this results in additional wear that reduces the life of the vehicle. Clean the fuel filter at regular intervals according to the manufacturer's maintenance schedule provided in the owner's manual. Follow these tips to keep the job clean, safe, and simple.

Clamp Fuel Lines Shut Before Removing Filter

Trace the fuel line back from the fuel injector or carburetor to find the fuel filter. Use hose clamps and a flat-head screwdriver to shut the fuel line off several inches from either side of the fuel filter. Place a jar or drip pan under the filter to catch anything that falls out when you remove it. The fuel in the line may be under pressure so wear safety glasses to protect against spraying vapors.

Clean Filter

Spray the filter on each side with carburetor cleaner and then tap it against a hard surface to knock debris loose. Repeat the process several times until the fuel filter is in acceptable condition. Let the filter dry for one hour and then reinstall it. If the filter shows cracks or perforations you may have to replace it.

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