Tips for Cleaning a Right Angle Drill Tips for Cleaning a Right Angle Drill

With the use of a right angle drill comes the need to know how to clean it properly, which should make up part of the regular maintenance of it. By utilizing some tips during the process, you can avoid defects arising by ensure that the drill is always in the condition.


Always make sure that the right angle drill is switched off before undertaking any cleaning to it. Besides the actual power switch, disconnect it from the mains or remove the battery pack before proceeding.  

Remove Drill Bit   

To ensure the task of cleaning the right angle drill bit is completed thoroughly, it is necessary to remove the drill bit. This can be undertaken with the use of a chuck key, which will be necessary to remove the drill bit from the recess.   


Use a brush or a rag to clean any large debris particles from the right angle drill bit in the first instance. Make sure that you include the recess where the shaft of the drill bit is inserted to remove any debris that has found its way inside. There are specific oils on the market that can be used to clean the moving parts of the drill. Whether cordless or corded, avoid the use of water to clean the drill.

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