Tips for Cleaning a Tin Ceiling

A background of ornately decorated tin.
What You'll Need
Vacuum with dusting wand
Long-handled ceiling-fan brush
Household cleaner
Rags or old towels

If you have a tin ceiling in your home, you might have realized by now that you need a bit more maintenance to keep it clean. Since most tin ceilings have an embossed pattern, a lot of dust and cobwebs can accumulate on them. This build-up can cause the tin to look dull.

Step 1—Dust Regularly

Because of the shine on a tin ceiling and the embossed pattern, the ceiling will show dust and cobwebs faster than a regular ceiling. Use the dusting wand on your vacuum to clean the ceiling regularly. Most likely, you will need a ladder to reach the proper height. Be sure to get into all the crevices of the embossing.

You can also use a long-handled extension brush such as those used for ceiling fans to dust the tin ceiling. Most of these brushes use a static charge to hold the dust, but you will still need to stop occasionally and take it outdoors to shake the dust out of it.

Step 2—Wash the Tin

If your tin ceiling is in a kitchen, you may notice kitchen grease accumulating on the tin. This will require that you wash the entire ceiling, one panel at a time. You'll need a ladder, a mixture of water and household cleaner, and a sponge.

Step 3—Finish Up

You may want to use an old rag or towel to dry the panels as you go.