Tips for Cleaning an AC Condenser Unit

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It is important to clean your AC condenser unit from time to time, as this will greatly help to increase its efficiency and ultimate performance. Let us outline a few tips which can help you clean it easily. Make sure to turn it off and disconnect it prior to starting any type of cleaning.

Use a Garden Hose

If you have a garden hose, then use it as it will greatly facilitate your work. Simply turn it on and spray water onto the condenser unit. The gush of water will automatically remove most loose dirt and dust.

Coil Cleaning Solution

If the condenser unit seems to require more thorough cleaning, it is best to purchase a coil cleaning solution. Dilute it with water if necessary. Make sure to follow the accompanying instructions. Then, immerse a rag and start to wipe the coil carefully so as to remove the dirt that is stuck to it. If it is very dirty you will need to wipe more than once and rinse repeatedly until it is clean enough.


Another quick way of cleaning an a/c condenser unit is to use the small brush extension of your vacuum cleaner, and gently pass it over the coil's fins. Pay attention not to bend them in the process, and move slowly.