Tips for Cleaning Cedar Siding

Cedar siding provides a nice, rural feeling to the exterior of a house. However, in order to keep it in good condition, it needs to be maintained and cleaned from time to time. The following are some basic tips you can use to clean cedar siding effectively.

1. Pressure Wash

An easy way to clean cedar siding is by pressure washing it. Simply attach the end of your garden hose to the pressure washer and switch it on. The strong stream of water will help to remove loose dirt and dust easily and effortlessly. However, pay attention not to damage the cedar by putting the power wash on its maximum power. Most pressure washers allow you to add soap to the water. This will facilitate the cleaning process further. Start from the top part of the house, and move downwards. Keep spraying water until you notice that the water that falls down is remaining relatively clean and clear. This is an indication that most of the dirt has been removed effectively from the siding.

2. Use Bleach

You should use bleach as it can effectively remove dirt related with mold and mildew. Just mix the bleach with water, and scrub onto the cedar with a nylon brush. Pay attention not to scrub too hard as you may damage or scratch the cedar.

3. Use Wood Cleaner

There are a number of commercial wood cleaners which you can try to use in case of stains. However, make sure to try it out on a small unnoticeable area first, so as to make sure that it will not stain the cedar or damage it in any way.

4. Use Wood Brightener

You can also apply some wood brightener at the end of the cleaning process so as to give an additional shine to the cedar.