Tips for Cleaning Rainbow Trout Before Cooking Tips for Cleaning Rainbow Trout Before Cooking

When cooking rainbow trout or any other kind of fish, obviously, the fresher the better.  However, taking a fish from the water to the table involves a little more work than just throwing it in the frying pan. 

Tips for Cleaning before Cooking

  • When rainbow trout is fresh it will have a slippery layer of skin.  This can be washed off with plain water.  It can then be handled much easier.
  • Prepare the surface on which you will clean the trout with newspapers to catch the entrails.

Removing the Bones

  • Cut off the head with a sharp knife directly below the first gill.
  • Cut off the tail fin.
  • Slice the remainder of the fish from the anus forward to make a long straight incision or butterfly cut. To do this you can lay the fish upside-down with the stomach up. Face your knife blade up and slide it along the backbone.  The knife should cut along the outside of the ribcage. Flip your knife over and cut along the backbone to the base of the tail but not through the skin.
  • Repeat this process on the other side of the trout.  You now will have two sides and the rib cage in the middle with no meat.
  • Now remove this bone structure along the base of the flesh.
  • To remove the remaining rows of bones, slice them out along each side without cutting through the skin.
  • The trout then should be cleaned with water again and it can be cooked or frozen for cooking at a later time.

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